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Shining a light on smart and sustainable solutions
Coastal Energy is able to provide a full design and construction package with its partners to develop and maintain solar embedded networks for new and existing infrastructures.

Solar Embedded Networks (also known as microgrids) allow developers to create and manage their own electrical infrastructure and future proof their development.
Coastal Energy uses its extensive knowledge and embedded network specialists to manage projects from conception to completion.
What’s the deal with Solar Embedded Networks?
Embedded networks use traditional building infrastructure or new build opportunities to create utility services for end users, whilst creating ongoing income streams which can benefit building owners, building managers, residents and tenants.
If your site is a multi-tenanted complex, a solar embedded network may be a great solution for you.
We’re ready to make power happen
As one of Queensland’s major energy designers and developers, we support the entire process of designing, building and maintaining a solar embedded network at your site, with support from our key partners who specialise in the field. We provide operational, industry, and regulatory guidance to assess feasibility and best solutions, to energise, operate and manage your solar embedded network.

We aim to provide you with a fully managed, seamless solar embedded network solution which serves your housing community, business, or property development for generations to come.

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