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We’re lighting the way with progressive installations 
From design advice to installation, repairs and energy efficient upgrades, our team can find a practical solution for the most challenging lighting problem. With a range of suppliers and manufacturers at our disposal, we can customise your lighting needs to suit any project specifications.

Lighting specialists Queensland 
Our lighting specialists can assist with a range of solar lighting solutions for government and private entities, which have increased in popularity due to the advancement in technologies with Solar lighting and the increase in energy prices. It also alleviates weather outages on the electrical network.
Right design, right solution every time
Choosing the right lighting design and installation for your outdoor or indoor project is crucial and can literally mean the difference between a safe and unsafe zone. Bad lighting can impact visibility significantly while driving, playing sport, or enjoying the outdoors for a BBQ. We take safety and the importance of appropriate lighting seriously and know that even subtle adjustments can make all the difference. Our lighting specialists have decades of experience to make sure they understand the project needs fully and provide the right lighting design and solutions for the area.
Our work includes: 
• Rate 2 and rate 3 Local Council installations
• Rate 3 Main Roads installations
• Community parks
• Sporting venues
• Bridges
• Pedestrian paths
• Bikeways
• Carpark lighting

Head Office

28 Hi-Tech Drive Kunda Park QLD 4556
(07) 5456 1800

Brisbane Office

17 Eurora Street Kingston QLD 4114
(07) 3208 3034

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