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 Our electrical design specialists service all areas of the process including planning, design, creation, testing and/or supervising the development and installation of electrical equipment. Our work includes development of lighting equipment, power systems and power distribution, fire and life safety systems, electronic components such as, and voice and data communications infrastructure.

Whether it’s planning the schematics for telecommunications in a housing estate or designing the eco-friendly lighting equipment for a new hotel build, Coastal Energy are electrical design specialists spanning the entire design process. We partner with highly experienced engineering firms to deliver design services for both Energex and Ergon Subdivisions, NBN, Street Lights, Traffic Signals, and Intelligent Transport Systems.
Our work includes:
Our electrical design specialists typically follow a planning and development process as outlined below for a medium to large electrical design. This includes a specification request, design phase and creation of more detailed diagrams to ensure the design is correct. 

1. A specification document is provided. This is usually supplied by the customer, but we can help you with this step if you are unsure how to structure it. This document uses simple language and lists on what designs are to be delivered. This document is used as reference point during electrical system design.

2. A design specification document is created. This is a functional document showing what calculations could be used or referenced to support design decisions and goes into greater technical detail, using the specification document as a guide.
The electrical design process
• Consultations with surveyors and civil engineers
• Preparation of design of electrical reticulation, street lighting, NBN and telecommunications and other electrical designs
• Council, Energex, Ergon and Department of Main Roads submissions
• Preparing estimated construction costs 
3. Creation of functional diagrams. We create these block diagrams to show information and electrical power flow from component to component. They are like the functional flow block diagrams used with computer programs.

4. Schematic diagrams are created. These are developed to show how electrical interconnections between the components are made. They may not show all details, but a reasonable level of detail.

5. Wiring diagrams are sometimes created. These outline the termination points and names of each conductor. Schematics can sometimes include enough information on systems, so that wiring diagrams are not needed.

6. A cable harness maybe used for physically smaller systems built many times. This wiring diagram can then be laid on a peg board and used to guide the construction of more cable harnesses.

7. A detailed wire list is created. This shows the electrical assembly people what wires are to be connected and to where. The wire list contains wire names, terminal names, and wire model numbers or gages. It may also contain more technical information pertaining to wiring model numbers, voltage, and conductor classes.

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