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Coastal Energy is a well-established electrical design and construction contractor offering electrical construction solutions for large and complex industrial-scale projects, to multi-level residential and housing projects for new subdivisions.


Coastal Energy houses an array of electrical construction solutions for subdivisions of industrial and commercial estates, as well as large customer connection projects.

Coastal Energy’s operational capabilities have expanded to provide customers with a full overview of the electrical design to project construction completion.

Our services include in-house:

  • Electrical Design
  • Electrical Construction

Coastal Energy is Energex and Ergon accredited and certified.

electrical design & construction, Home


It’s not common to see an electrical contracting business to offer design and construction as a dual service. However, Coastal Energy is driven by innovation and have proven to evolve services to meet the needs of customers. This is what sets the Coastal Energy team apart from the competition. Ensure you contact us if you have any questions or queries on the electrical services provided or feel free to click through to the latest projects to learn more.

electrical design & construction, Home


Coastal Energy has a well-earned reputation within the industry for delivering excellent service, high-quality work and total commitment to our customers. When partnering with Coastal Energy, you can rest assured the professional team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your design vision and infrastructure needs are executed to the highest of standards.

electrical design & construction, Home


As a leading electrical contractor within the industry, Coastal Energy offers competitive rates, accompanied by a comprehensive service to ensure development time frames are met to the highest standards. Coastal Energy is committed to meeting any business needs that you may have so, get in touch with the professional team today for a quick quote.

electrical design & construction, Home


Coastal Energy is the preferred electrical installation contractors within Queensland and, New South Wales for the efficient delivery of electrical design and construction works. The Coastal Energy team are leaders in the field, working well with other contractors to ensure all electrical works are delivered in a timely, compliant and cost-efficient manner.


Coastal Energy is accredited and certified to get your next project done. With an “A” Rating accreditation in Work Category Quality Assurance (WCQA), our electrical construction teams are qualified to deliver a range of street lighting, underground and overhead works for Ergon Energy and Energex.

The flexibility of the Ergon and Energex accredited professionals allows Coastal Energy to be your primary electrical contractor, delivering construction and maintenance works hassle-free. No juggling between different electrical contractors, project managers and the possibility for miscommunication. When you partner with Coastal Energy, you’re guaranteed to have the same professional team from beginning to end.

electrical design & construction, Home